A Whole New Store

canvas of a dark pink hydrangea

A Whole New Store

Nature Photo Gift Pro is expanding! In addition to the Etsy shop, we are adding every product to our home here at AMSW Photography!

It’s time to add on to the existing shop and create a new store. I love my website and want it to be all-inclusive. I’ll be offering everything I’ve got, and then finding more to add. This means Canvas Gallery Wraps and Frames will be available for every print offered.

canvas of a dark pink hydrangea
Canvas Gallery Wrap coming soon. The photo features a pink hydrangea in its last state of change. It is featured as the Month of October on the new Flower Wall Calendar 2020 in the Etsy shop

I’m super pumped to have a whole new store (with all the products I want). Etsy is wonderful, and I will still continue to sell on Etsy. However, I wanted a little more control over basic operations and fees and was tired of paying a listing fee for every item listed. It gets pricey when you have 100+ items in your shop. And all I want to do is add and offer more good things! So if you’ve found the shop on Etsy, and like the art (and the same pricing!) stay on top of the goodness by subscribing to the newsletter. There’s a lovely coupon code and upcoming design tips, how to hang art, and more good stuff.

Oh, you know what great thing Etsy taught me? FREE SHIPPING IS BEST FOR YOU! I mean, maybe not for me, cause I carry that cost. But I want my customers happy and happy means free shipping-in all 50 of our United States of America. Plus, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to pay the shipping on something I just paid $200 for. That doesn’t seem right. Cause it isn’t.

A serious con to all this? You guessed it- a time-consuming effort. I’ve got a good handle on it and am focused because I want to make Nature Photo Gift Pro by AMSW Photography the best it can be.

2020 is going to be the best year yet over here in our little shop. So please pardon the mess and missing product photos that disappeared in our shop import. Everything is being cleaned up ASAP and in the meantime, if you have a question about a product feel free to contact me here or DM on Insta. (Follow! It’s a lovely feed!)

I’m so excited! I forgot to mention my new love of Pyrography aka wood burning. I’ve been making Christmas ornaments and burning some of the photos on little wood circles, and then painting them. As I level up my skills, I’ll be offering larger works of art too. So many good things to come! I’m looking forward to the new store and I promise you are gonna love it.

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