Beach Photography in San Diego, Ca | Nature Photo Gift Pro Etsy Shop

beach photography san diego, ca

Beach Photography in San Diego, Ca | Nature Photo Gift Pro Etsy Shop

Beach photography means a lot to me. Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores, and Ocean Beach, CA are big in my world. Those are beaches I have spent my life at.

Of course, Mission Beach, Torrey Pines, Carlsbad State Beach, and all the other absolutely lovely San Diego beaches have a place in my heart. Because it’s not just the beach, but the ocean I love, too.

beach photography san diego, ca
Walking toward the Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach, Ca

I have mainly photographed the first two (PB and La Jolla) so those are the beaches in the Nature Photo Gift Pro Etsy shop (prints and more). The light at Pacific Beach has always been perfect whenever I’ve photographed there, so it feels extra special and makes beach photography magical. And of course, after you move away from them you miss them with all your heart. Which leads me to editing all my beach photos with longing, wondering why in the world I moved away from the coast. Silly Californian in Kentucky. Dreaming of swimming in the water at dusk. Remembering taking my tiny son to La Jolla Shores for his first dip in the ocean. These are precious memories to me of places where multiple events unfolded throughout my life. I guess such personal things seem weird to offer for sale.

The thing about it is, it’s not just my life that’s in a photo. It’s yours-your memory of learning to swim in the ocean for the first time. A special kiss barefoot in the surf. Walking along the sand while pregnant and dreaming of the future. Happily running into the water full blast and screaming a little when the cold hits you. Scuba diving or snorkeling when on vacation and you are filled with excitement. Watching your boyfriend catch a wave while you soak up the sun on your towel. Your love of the beach and fun (hey soul sister) and maybe even your love of the ocean.

beach photo wood magnet
This is a wood magnet!

Isn’t it funny how a simple photo of one place like the beach can bring reminders of good things in your life. Sounds like something we all need.


With sandy toes and happy hearts, AMSW Photography

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