Covid-19 and It’s Damage to My Photography

Covid-19 and It’s Damage to My Photography

Well, I did it. I feel into the virus blackhole. The one that sucks your motivation to create, and makes you think, “Eh, who even cares about photography right now.”

It’s a mentally in-between place to be in. On one hand, I’ve moved my daughter into a new bedroom, and created an office out of her space. I’m sitting in a spanking new chair at a new (cool antique) desk, with my husband’s older but significantly-faster-than-my-laptop desk computer. I’m all set and ready to do business. My favorite printing company just reopened their doors after 2 weeks away. We are all systems go around here.

All this is in hopes to pull me out of the hole. But (and maybe this is just vanity) looking at pictures of my own artwork helps. It soothes, calms, and makes me smile. I keep going back to the photos with pink, blue, and white in them.

In all this time, nature photography is probably something that can switch your mood.

Why didn’t I care? I can help others with my photography (or so I hope!)

Friends, I know the world has gone crazy and #@$* has hit the fan. Whatever you are going through, hold on. You’re amazing (for putting up with your family with very little break time!) You are heros (keeping it together!) and you are worth being cared for. So no matter your stance on Covid -19 and its destruction, take care of yourself. Hug your family, hug your babies, hug you. Enjoy clicking around the website and taking a mental vacation. It there’s anything that could make you or your family happy, put a photo in the cart. I’ll be running a site-wide sale for the next couple of months, to help others out.

Be safe, use caution, kindness, love, and take care.


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