Framed Nature Photography | The Benefits of Our Frames

female cardinal on birdhouse in elegant gold frame

Framed Nature Photography | The Benefits of Our Frames

Framed nature photography deserves an amazing frame. I loooove the frames we sell. Why do I love our frames? First of all, they are beautiful and wonderful quality. Second, they stand the test of time.

We literally took a page out of our product book (page 2, in fact) to talk about the benefits of our frames. The quality is fantastic (especially for the price!!) and once mounted on the wall, you really notice how lovely they are. The weight of them is not too much to be picked up and put on the wall. Each framed art piece is about 10 lbs. I like how sturdy and solid a frame feels in my hands.

I had a horrible experience with a Michael’s frame one time. Don’t get me wrong, I could live in a Michael’s. It is my arts and crafts heaven! Their frames, well, not so fabulous. About 5 years ago I spent about $30 on an 11×14 frame, nothing fancy. I hung it on the wall with a small nail and moved it once. A year later, I hear a large crash. With no one around to blame, I took a close look. The corners had expanded and slowly split open, allowing the glass to push down and slide out of the frame. Sad to say, at that moment I stopped buying frames from big box stores. I do believe you get what you pay for. A frame that hangs on the wall will see more wear and tear simply from gravity, and I am happy to offer ones that hold up and pass the test of time.

Framed Nature Photography by Nature Photo Gift Pro.

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