Framed Nature Photography – The Friendly Cardinal

female cardinal in the rain elegant gold frame

Framed Nature Photography – The Friendly Cardinal

I love the friendly little Cardinal. The sweet, pretty little red birds have won me over. The song they sing is so sweet and happy, and are like a playful parakeet of the wild. I’m pleased to offer a framed photo of this female cardinal, looking around so curiously.

When I first moved to Kentucky, I discovered songbirds. Our old yard was filled with about five different songbirds. It took me a while to identify who was who, and the Cardinal caught my attention with its’ flash of red and bright chirp.

Even better, they seemed to like me photographing them. Every time I thought I lost the one I was following, he’d look at me, turn around and fly back, giving me another chance to catch him perching.

Such thoughtful little critters. 😉



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