Introducing Nature Photo Gift Pro | Landscape Photography Prints

Introducing Nature Photo Gift Pro | Landscape Photography Prints

Nature Photo Gift Pro, an Etsy shop by AMSW Photography

Are you looking for unframed, landscape photography prints? Perhaps a wood print or you already have a frame but need a print? Well, that’s where our new Etsy shop Nature Photo Gift Pro comes in!

To be super honest, while a stand-alone store under AMSW Photography is wonderful and amazing, Etsy does make adding product crazy easy. Cause what no one EVER tells you is having an online store is a serious amount of work. Adding the product is a full-time job. All the image resizing, living in Photoshop, etc. But it is a labor of love and passion, and I digress. So, anywho, one day after hours of product creation and burnout, I decided to simplify. And maybe others wanted a simpler, frame-less product line (not that I don’t love our framed artwork). So, I introduced my Etsy landscape print gift shop to the world!

The Nature Photo Gift Pro shop specializes in landscape photography, printed on thick mat board. Instead of a skinny print, all prints are 3/8″ thick and can be propped up on a shelf. For those moments when yes, hello, you can (and probably should) frame this gorgeous print but you had to have it right now, and prop it up on the shelf.

Pinky Balloon double weight matboard photo print on a desk Nature Photo Gift Pro landscape photography print
Double Matboard Print propped up on a table

Which might begin the discussion of framed art vs. mat board photo print propped up on the table. Which is better? I will have that article at a later date. Perhaps in my new newsletter that you can sign up for and read (I’m a cheeky little devil, I know).

double weight matboard photo Pastel Barn by AMSW Photography for Nature Photo Gift Pro
Oh hello beautiful Pastel Barn, printed on double weight matboard.
View the framed version here on AMSW Photography

So many artwork options, so little time. And money. I created this line with the thought of the most expensive piece being no more than $400, while the median price hovered around $100-200 (with new less expensive gifts like nature photo pillows added too, for under $30). Products range from landscape photography prints to wood pallet prints, to hanging photo canvases. The amount of creativity I am feeling with Nature Photo Gift Pro is beginning to take off. My goal is to make the shop as it sounds- that I AM the Nature Photography Gift Professional- and that means having photo gifts. Photo gifts that aren’t cheap, but well made professional art quality. Such as my wooden heart magnets and hanging canvases.

I have in mind to adds more photo gift-y things like postcards and small gifts but am researching good, solid quality vendors. No one wants to spend money on bad quality (I know I sure don’t).

Mock up of pink rose on wood pallet photo print Nature Photo Gift Pro
Nature Photo Gift Pro Mock up of Wood Pallet Photo Print of a Pink Rose
Close up of wood grain on wood pallet print
Close up of the wood grain in a wood pallet photo print
Nature Photo Gift Pro side view of wood pallet photo print
Side view of a wood pallet photo print by Nature Photo Gift Pro

The turnaround time on our matboard prints is wonderful-2-3 days in the lab and then 2-3 business days to ship. The turnaround time on all items wood or canvas is a bit longer-3-5 days in the lab and 5-7 business days to ship. After researching a few wood printers, I have found that this time period is an industry standard, so I chose vendors of quality. The pieces I’ve ordered are light, crazy easy to hang, and are lovely. The wood grain truly shows through at the lighter parts of the photo. Keyhole cutouts on the back of the print make it easy to slide over any nail to hang. I honestly can’t get enough of the wood prints!

To save the buyer shipping costs, all items are dropped shipped directly to you, the customer, from the printer. This means that they have packaging to perfection from the printer themselves and that SHIPPING IS FREE. Store-wide. I pass along that shipper savings to you. Cause I’m cool like that. After the item is shipped, a fancy Certificate of Purchase and a lovely thank you card are sent from me, so your artwork is legit and has value.

What does all this mean for this framed photography artwork store? What’s going to happen to AMSW Photography The Shop? Well, I love this framed landscape photography shop! I want it to thrive. I am so pleased to offer framed fine art photography! There is such a huge benefit to purchasing a ready-to-hang framed photo. So I will do my work, and hope that it is received well and graces homes and offices in our fancy frames.

The best part for you, the customer, is life isn’t all one or the other, we can have options! We can have wood prints and framed artwork in the same room! I want to provide you with quality choices. So, both the framed and unframed landscape photo will operate and hopefully grow and flourish. And quite possibly, have some of the Etsy shop added to this shop. Couldn’t hurt, right?

For now, if you see a print that you want to be framed, or a framed print that you would rather have a matboard print of, message me! I am oh so happy to work with you and create a custom order. Until then, visit the new Etsy shop and say hello!

Sea and Sky, Pacific Beach San Diego landscape photography print Nature Photo Gift Pro
Double weight matboard of Sea and Sky, a Pacific Beach, San Diego print

Be sure to check out the new items that are added weekly! Original art landscape Canvas prints, coffee mugs, and notebooks, and nature photo pillows are now available. New landscape photo prints are added frequently (the Peony Photo Collection is a must see!).

In the near future, I look to add grouped sets and collages! If you want to keep up to date on new, beautiful photography gifts and score some savings, please join the newsletter.

Thank You so very much for hanging out and reading!


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