Pretty Wall Art | Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year

Pretty Wall Art | Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year

Hello Pantone colors, we’ve been waiting for you! I’d heard a rumor it was going to be another blue, but we have sun and it’s pretty complimentary color, grey. And then I noticed just how many art offerings there are that combine these beautiful colors.

This one should be easy-and is already in sooo many home decor ideas.

It’s bold- yet soft-and in many small items once you start noticing.

Yellow and grey- such a classic and sunny combo. What to do with the Best Friends Forever of color? An easy way to incorporate this beautiful, soft-but-punchy yellow into your home (or any indoor environment) is with a neutral wall. Already painted half your house a light gray during quarantine? Perfect! Bring energy and life to your wall with any of the sunflower photos, or a carousel horse. Bring in a mustard lampshade or pillows to pull it all together.

Just a little bold yellow goes a long way. Plus, the brass has a golden glow, so the whole photo is Illuminating!
A statement piece, matted and framed with our Modern Frame
small sunflower close up photo
A bright, glow-y yellow
rustic wall art photo of white barn in field with golden light
Natural golden glow is a soft way to bring in color
A little zing to grey walls. Frame it with our Elegant Silver Frame

Not ready to go so boldly? Small pops of illumination can be found in tiny sunflowers on wooden coasters, or our spiral bound notebook featuring “Storybook” hot air balloon on the cover. I love it’s golden hot air balloon!

It’s one of our favorite ways to add life – play up the yellow! “Storybook” hot air balloon is a fan favorite
set of 4 wood heart coasters with sunflower, daisy, eastern redbud and rose photos
The bold yellow shows up in small, subtle pops of color

If you’d rather take the soft grey tones route, try these wall art color combos. I love that both of the Pantone colors are simply found in nature, and effortlessly compliment each other. Soft, pale greens, rust reds, sky blues, straw yellow, tan, and deep browns are easily added to the mix.

Both Pantone 2021 colors are subtly on display in the barn photo
A little design inspo…Framed with our Barnwood Grey Frame

Use the Pantone Ultimate Grey as a darker accent piece, like the chevron pillows. Most greys will blend seamlessly together if they have the same undertone. The overall grey undertone in the beach scene below is neutral, with a slight warmth.

Need more inspiration? Check out Pantone’s colors from the past years.

Effortless and easy breezy greys- See our Ready to Hang Canvas Collection

What will you do with this year’s inspiration? How will you decorate your home? It’s the perfect time for a refresh. Bring light and life your world with our wall art! Whatever you do, be content and make your surroundings your haven. You are worth it, and you deserve it.

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