Balloon Photography, Nursery Art “Balloons Rising” Vertical Print

Balloon Photography, Nursery Art “Balloons Rising” Vertical Print

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Balloon photography print of hot air balloons rising through the pink and purple sky. Little minds take flight with imagination, and this photo can inspire and bring joy. Deep shades of blue and purples melt into bright, pale yellows with touches of lavender, grey, and pink. Round out your baby’s peaceful room with hot air balloon art, and bring a smile to your face.

My kids came over to take a look at the photo I was editing. We made up a story about the balloons rising up to the sky, with clouds down below. To quote my three-year-old daughter, “I was riding in the balloon up to the sky with mama, dad, gramma, and brother. A bird came by, and we floated to the sun. The End.”

It’s just something about hot air balloons that makes us happy.

Your balloon photography print is created on professional paper and affixed onto matboard. The inks used in printing are UV resistant and the e-surface paper has excellent color tones and saturation. Thick, 1/8″ matboard is the basis of the photo for strength and firmness.

Create a stunning gallery with more hot air balloon photos! The Balloons in the Air print and Nursery Decor, Yellow Balloon Photo would look gorgeous with Balloons Rising.


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