Raindrops on Branches, Limited Edition framed nature photos

Raindrops on Branches, Limited Edition framed nature photos

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens….these are a few of my favorite things…Honestly I can’t write about these images of rain without Julie Andrews sneaking into my head. So I’ve decided to embrace it.

While the photos are not of roses, but of flowering maple, I have decided they are definitely a few of my favorite things. As the rain slowly drizzled down, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. My husband and I were sitting at the table looking out at the rain. I stole a side glance at him and he nodded he’d watch the baby as I smiled and reached for the camera. A minute later I was carefully handling my camera in the light rain, wishing I’d grabbed an umbrella. Raindrops balanced on pink buds that had just sprouted.

I took many repeated shots to catch the delicate little raindrops without blurring the photo. It was similar to sports photography- hold very still, pull your elbows into your middle to make your body like a tripod and get balance. Hold your breath, don’t move or your subject won’t be in focus. I decided to do this without a remote control or a timer. The shots are what I’d call ‘freehand’. I felt giddy when I loaded the photos onto my computer and found several, clear photos that I just loved.

The itty bitty buds are now beautiful, pink, bell shaped blossoms that we enjoy daily. Still, looking at these little baby blooms reminds me of infants, and how everything is so tiny and perfect when it is first made.

As I expand my retail reach, I delved into the jungles of Amazon. I am happy to announce that the “Raindrop on Branch” Limited Edition Collection is available only on Amazon! The collection contains four images at the present time (I waver on adding two more images that I have). They are priced slightly higher because each set of four will only be printed three times before the images are no longer available to purchase. So jump on this extremely exclusive offer, while they are available.

Each photo is printed on archival paper that will last 100 years on display (out of direct sunlight) and over 200 years in dark storage. Each framed photo is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. An elegant gold frame is a perfect compliment to each photo and adds a dose of easy elegance to any room.  The framed photo measures 24 x 30 inches, with a 20 x 24 inch white mat. The collection is wonderful in home, or office as I strive to create versatile, framed, artwork that is ready to be hung on your wall.

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