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I’ve done it. It’s alive. Right now I’m feeling a little like Dr. Frankenstein, having such pride and uh, excitement? in a new creation. And I’m feeling the Jim Carrey version.


“It’s Alive!!”
Ace Ventura knows

So, my weird sense of humor aside, now we are onto, “Look at all the pretty things!” I am soooo happy to have designed this shop.

I am a part time web designer, and even still, this project took a few months. With a pandemic, work at home/school at home is the constant juggle. But rolling out of bed and hopping on the computer can be a gigantic blessing, and I’m happy for the work and the long nights. Anything you can do to keep moving forward!

Did you know running an ecommerce shop is a lot of fun? I am at the creation stage, where I’m coming up with new art, new products, and piece by piece, I’m adding them in. I take pride and joy in my work. I lay in bed and ideas flood my mind, so I get up to write them down. Only then can I sleep.

I hope this site is easy to use (please email me at if it isn’t and I will fix it), the art beautiful, and the product selection something you actually want to buy. If all these pieces come into play, then I will have done my job and made people happy.

That’s a win in my book.

So peruse the site, bookmark it, stalk me on FB and IG for updates, and better yet, join the newsletter. The newsletter will keep you in the new product loop with a more professional take on things (unlike this blog post, haha).


You will want to see this...

Thank you all for your support. Seriously tho, I completely appreciate it. Just reading this blog post is support. And we all need that virtual pat on the back. This is a one woman show with help from the husband (he’s my marketing and tech guy) when needed. Plus my mom’s help with watching the kids. It’s how this functions. 

Love and support makes the world go round. That, and pretty mental escapes into a few nice photographs.




– Love, Alisha


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