Trains and Fall Forest Getaways

fall color in the Appalachian river valley from a train

Trains and Fall Forest Getaways

We love trains. My son’s 11th birthday was coming up, and an open-air train ride in coal mining country sounded fun.

We’d be taken to a little coal mining town, have a little hike, but mostly, ride an old train. My son was excited (we all were, really). We booked a room at an Eastern Kentucky state resort park a couple hours away and made a great adventure weekend of it all.

When we got to the train, a light rain fell off and on. We didn’t let that deter us. Or stop me from taking Honestly, the light was amazing and I loved the drama it added to each shot. There were a few unexpected things like a dark, close tunnel and a train yard.

cool old Ringling Bros circus train cars
Big South Fork Railroad through the Appalachians in the fall color
Big South Fork Railroad driving around the corner during October.

And then there was the fall color I’d been seeking after.

I loved-with all my heart-loved editing the above photo. So much so, I made a video of all my edits, sped up the video, and will post it on social media. If you want to see how I do what I do, please hop on over to Instagram and check it out. It’s a whole new perspective on a piece of artwork. The rain is real, but it didn’t come through very well on the original photo. So I took an artistic liberty and amped up the rain with an overlay. You’ll see.

Big South Fork Railway on a corner, part 2

It’s a tie for favorite photo. Want to see how I do what I do? Watch me edit!

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