Those Wide, Open Fields

tall grass in summer field photo with black frame amsw photography

Those Wide, Open Fields

Open, accessible fields are my most favorite space to find. Having grown up in a part of the country that was quickly being developed (oh, yes, Southern California) space is at a premium.

In California, open fields and rolling hills became something I sought out for photo shoots. They were not easy to come by! I found nature preserves and they were a huge blessing. It meant I had a place to take clients for photos, but also the beauty of the land would never be harmed by development.

If you’ve driven across the country it is a different story. Those open fields can go for days, and overwhelm you. I find a stillness and beauty in them that the soul quietly longs for, almost as much as it can long for the water. In our city lives it is nice to find a reprieve and let the mind wander down back country roads into a farmer’s field.

Take a little break and wander down the road.

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