Our Process

It’s all about the photography. I photograph and edit each and every image. I choose the edit style based on the photo, and let the finished image organically take shape. Some photos have fine art textures applied, some have a more fresh, crisp, clean feel. It all depends on my artistic take on the photo.

Room 3

Each order is printed one at a time. When you place an order, the image is custom sized to your print choice. Then it’s off to the printer. Photos are packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer.

During Covid and delayed shipping times, we may request our print lab direct ship to your door to save time. 

In this instance we will send you any paper products like our brochure, certificates of authenticity, etc. in a separate mailing.

Printing each order as it arrives helps keep our cost down as we carry a very limited stock in our office. It makes every order extra special, and ensures every product we sell is double checked for correct size, image clarity and tone before it goes to our professional print lab. 

However, as all purchases are individualized and therefore custom, at this time we do not allow returns or exchanges.

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