How-To’s | Tips and Tricks For Hanging Artwork

My Favorite Trick
Deciding where to put artwork isn’t too difficult. Most of us have a blank spot on the wall, staring at us day after day. Threatening our sensible minds with thoughts of what, exactly, what do I put here.

Then, it happens. You find the print you want. Now the next question is how big? How big can the art be printed, and what kind? Canvas, or a framed piece? Take into account if it’s a kid friendly space and there may be active hands nearby. Before you commit to a large art piece, try my favorite trick-map it out with painter’s tape.

large artwork layout over bed with painters tape

Map It Out

Grab a measuring tape and measure out a few strips of painter’s tape. If you run out, that’s ok. As long as you can visualize. Go ahead and eyeball the placement. 

Keep in mind, different materials will have different sizes. Figure out if you want canvas vs. framed vs. wood print. A wood print size may not be available in a 38×50, but a canvas might!

Sleep On It

Change your mind. A few times

painters tape on a wall for art
kid safe art hanging technique amsw photography

Test It

Kid test it. Put your groceries down in front of it. Hang your keys near it. Does the placement of the art work for you? Is the size appropriate? Do you envision it looking great and being an addition to your home? If so, it’s time to buy!.


Hooray! You decide what works, and buy it. It arrives in your home. You can’t wait to put your new treasure on the wall. But before you reach for a hammer and a nail, try these tips.


silver frame corners of mounted wall art

How you hang your art is determined by how much it weighs. Many pieces in our shop are under 15lbs, so a nail in the stud on the wall or a 20lb capacity Gorilla hook in drywall are just fine. You can find how much your product weighs by looking at the packing label on the box it came in. If you are hanging a large item and you are just unsure, going with larger capacity hardware is a safer bet. One word of warning-stay away from command hooks and finishing nails for heavier pieces. Bad things happen.

All products in our shop come with a size appropriate hanging gear kit, so we take the worry off your shoulders.


20x60 canvas

Walls can be tricky. I like to use a stud finder so I can be sure that the nail won’t slip out of the wall.  Most often where you want to hang something does not involve perfect placement over a solid wood 2×4. 

*Use a gorilla hook or similar tool on drywall. It’s super easy and stays put.

*Use a screw in drywall anchor (moly bolt). 

*Use a picture frame hanger and nail. I personally find these difficult because I wind up hammering a finger, but that’s just me.


level frame web

This is where you will need your cell phone and a level app, or an actual level from the hardware store. We want your photo to be straight! And you don’t have to draw on the wall or make countless holes in it.

You will need: Wall art hanger of choice, painter’s tape, and a level.

*Get your hand-dandy painter’s tape out again

*Decide where to anchor your art to the wall.

*Place painter’s tape in a straight line where hanger will be. Place level above the tape. The tape acts as your ruler. Re-adjust tape until it is level.

*Affix hanger (or nail) to wall.

*Hang art. Place level on top of it to check.

*Remove art, remove painter’s tape. Place art back onto the wall.



kids holding measuring tape web

Measuring is something of a choice. Some prefer it, others don’t. 

If you have one piece on a small wall, placement will be very noticeable. Having your art be squared up and centered will be helpful to the eye.

If you decide to measure exactly where your art will be on the wall, start from the top.

*Know your product dimensions.

*Measure down from the ceiling to the hanger on the back of the art. Grab a couple handy helpers to hold the tape.

*Measure the sides of where the art will rest.

*If things do not look right, re-adjust where you want to hang the art. Scoot over or up/down until your measurements are even.

As an alternative, or you need a visual aid, grab a piece of roll of kraft paper or gift wrap. Cut a piece that fits your art dimensions and tape it to the wall. Move it around until you find your exact placement.


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