The Frozen World – A Kentucky Ice Storm

The Frozen World – A Kentucky Ice Storm

The ice storm created a dreamy artwork

Wait, I live in an area that gets ice storms??  Kentucky amazes me. I’ve never woken up to find a dogwood tree covered in ice. The weather will be a balmy 45 degrees one day and then frozen the next. It fascinates me.

The day the ice storm hit we stayed inside. The next day, the world warmed up and the roads were no longer a danger. I excitedly discovered all the trees on the sides of the road were crystalline- they glowed white when the sun glinted off them. It was like a scene out of a fairy-tale. A magical, mystical, frozen world.

I chased down the light and that magical glow. I drove down narrow two lane roads out into the countryside. Every time the sun caught my attention, I looked for a spot to safely pull off the road. Sadly, correct angles and amazing shots eluded me. After I drove about 15 miles from my home, I decided to pack it in. What I saw around me was still beautiful, but the bright, shining light that made it all absolutely glow was mischievous. About a mile from my home I saw a single tree shining. I held out hope that this would be the right light; that the sun would linger for a few minutes. I pulled into a parking lot and found an entire stretch of forest completely lit up. After a well-deserved happy dance, I grabbed the camera and shot away.

frozen dogwood buds

frozen dogwood


the ice forest

the ice forest

It’s enough to make you really, really appreciate spring. And central heating.

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